thursday, jan 5, 2023
Starting 1:00pm
taj palace new delhi
By registration only

organized by

University of Pennsylvania Institute for the Advanced
Study of India (UPIASI)
Center for the Advanced Study of India (CASI)
and Penn Global

India like the rest of the world is faced with two challenges. One, recovery in the short term from the disruption of the once-in-a-century Covid-19 crisis and its attendant economic contraction, and the other of long-term growth over the next few decades to graduate to a middle-income economy and eventually to developed status. India's political and economic policymaking institutions must cope with these tremendous challenges in the immediate moment and over the longer term.

This Penn India Engagement Forum symposium addresses the issues of India’s recovery and onward, covering a broad range of issues in its three panels – healthcare reforms, education in a digitalizing economy, and economic recovery, entrepreneurship and innovation. Penn Global, the globalisation initiative at Penn has completed 10 years of existence and India has been one of its focus areas, exemplified by the India Research and Engagement Fund that supports faculty research on India. CASI in Philadelphia and UPIASI in New Delhi are research hubs on contemporary India and celebrate their own 30 and 25 year anniversaries respectively.

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Venue location

Shahjahan hall, Taj Palace


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